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Team IRON EAGLES is a group of friends and family dedicated to fighting Multiple Sclerosis (MS). We join forces to raise money for the NATIONAL MS SOCIETY to support the great PROGRAMS they have available to help members of the community and to support the exciting RESEARCH being done in the field. We blog about why we ride, our experiences at fundraising events, our fundraisers and training tips. We also have links to information on MS and MS research. JOIN US!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Raising Awareness & Money

Well, we just finished one of this year's fundraisers: a car wash in American Fork. We started the day with a jolt because we got to our spot and realized that the spot had been double booked. Yikes! We conferred with the other group (Lone Peak Drill Team) and decided to combine forces. It ended up being good for everyone. They got 7 more hard workers and we got a chance to solicit funds from all the cars that came through (both the ones who heard about it through our advertizing and the ones who heard about it through their advertizing). Many of the cars had already purchased their car wash through the Drill Team's pre-sale efforts but they were generous enough to donate to our cause too. We were able to talk to lots of people about MS, the National MS Society and Bike MS. A lot of people asked questions about MS itself and several folks were interested in riding in June. Hopefully some of the great people we talked to are reading this blog right now and will become involved with our team! Every little bit helps!

A big thank you to Texaco for the space and the water and to Fresh Market for soap and balloons!

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