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Team IRON EAGLES is a group of friends and family dedicated to fighting Multiple Sclerosis (MS). We join forces to raise money for the NATIONAL MS SOCIETY to support the great PROGRAMS they have available to help members of the community and to support the exciting RESEARCH being done in the field. We blog about why we ride, our experiences at fundraising events, our fundraisers and training tips. We also have links to information on MS and MS research. JOIN US!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spontaneous Haiku

Get creative with your fundraising! Currently, three Iron Eagles (Marianne, Michelle & Betsy) are writing haiku poems for whoever donates at least $5 to their ride. Join the poetry movement!!! Haiku poems are pretty simple. They are 3 lines of poetry with 5 syllables in the first line, 7 syllables in the second line, and 5 syllables in the third. Usually they focus on one object or idea and are more descriptive than dialogue. Here are a couple of examples from my admittedly limited stash...

Yoga Party Girl
Melting Butter Namaste
Aaaah, sweet peaceful rest

moussaka dinner
itty bitty eggplant piece
the children missed out

Elastic shoelace
Running running tripping? No
No excuse to walk

To receive a spontaneous haiku, please note that you would like a haiku in the personal note section when you donate. Also, don't forget to leave an email address or a snail-mail address where we can reach you! Thanks! :-)  If you would like the haiku personally tailored to specific things about yourself and your situation please note that as well.  Thanks again!


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  2. I am so confused
    A poetry girl I'm not
    What does all this mean??

  3. It means you need to sign up girl! :-) Everybody's doing it...... It will be lots of fun..... :-)

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