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Team IRON EAGLES is a group of friends and family dedicated to fighting Multiple Sclerosis (MS). We join forces to raise money for the NATIONAL MS SOCIETY to support the great PROGRAMS they have available to help members of the community and to support the exciting RESEARCH being done in the field. We blog about why we ride, our experiences at fundraising events, our fundraisers and training tips. We also have links to information on MS and MS research. JOIN US!

Saturday, July 2, 2011


NOTE: As of Dec. 29, 2016 the CureMS app is free. We are hoping that people will use the links in the app to donate directly any amount they would care to donate. 


One of our fundraisers is an iPhone/iPad app called CureMS.

A few years ago when iPhone applications first launched, Bill, like thousands of other programmers, decided to try his hand at iPhone programming. It was a lot of fun! I still remember the thrill of seeing people from all over the world downloading his ShakeItUp app. It was very cool. I immediately thought of making millions and retiring early LOL Bill's first thought however was of creating a fundraising app. What a great idea, eh? And that's how the idea for CureMS came to be.

CureMS is a simple tab-based application containing facts about Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and links to websites with information about MS and MS research. There is a tab with a Join us! button which links you to this blog where you can find links to either join team Iron Eagles or donate directly to the National MS Society. Another tab has an animation that visually represents what people can do to help others who have been touched by MS.

CureMS is available for 99 cents at the app store (CureMS in the App Store).

Here's a tally of what we've earned from CureMS so far:

July (1st paycheck!): $166.47
Aug: $26.71
Sep: $36.07
Oct: $23.08
Nov: $18.33
Dec: $15.52

Jan: $34.83
Feb: $32.01
Mar: $31.25
Apr: $29.77
May: $24.38
June: $42.27
July: $29.05
Aug: $29.54
Oct: $43.70
Dec: $22.79

April: $17.94
June: $26.08
August: $24.68
October: $13.71

Jan: $15.86
April: $25.59
June: $22.23
October: $20.13

Jan: $27.89
April: $12.29
July: $12.01


June: $33

Tell a friend!  Buy the app!  Spread the word!  Thanks!

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