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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Marathon Training -- 1st Half Marathon Race

In my training for October's marathon (which is also training for next year's Bike MS!), I decided it would be fun to run a half marathon. The Hobbler Half in Springville fell about in my training schedule where I would need to run 13 miles so I signed up. It was a great experience. I was totally nervous (having never run a half marathon before and, indeed, having only run 9.5 miles previously). I'm very glad I did it. It was cool to experience a marathon race morning prior to the Big Day and it helped me stay on track in my training. I know if I had been doing a training run this morning there would have been more walking at the end but I knew I didn't want my Fan Club's first view of me when I approached the finish line to be me walking. I wanted a strong finish.

I have decided something, though. I need to run faster. I hate struggling to the finish line while the majority of the athletes are walking to their cars! It was nice to be one of the last ones on the trail (no lines at the portapotties) but it is awful to be one of the last ones at the finish line!!!!! This is definitely true for Bike MS too. I think next year we need to aim to be back by 3:30 so we can eat and enjoy the village. 75 miles will be my goal for next year, but it will hopefully be a faster 75.

We started this race up the canyon and I was so cold. It wasn't as cold as I thought it would be, but it was a pretty cold start. I doubted my choice of a sleeveless shirt. A mile into it, though, I was glad for my wardrobe choices and by the end I was dying of heat! I was able to keep a good, steady pace (just a SLOW pace), which helped me endure to the end. The problem, though, was that I was so slow that I was back with the speed walkers. Actually, the speed walkers were beating me. At one point my only goal was to pass the Old Man Speed Walker...and I never did... I really liked my hydration belt (so I didn't have to stop at the water stops unless I needed a break) and I loved the Vanilla Bean Gu. Very nice taste (for that sort of thing).

Overall, a very good experience (esp my Fan Club cheering at the end!). Everyone who wants to have a better ride next June should start running regularly (or at least start doing some sort of exercise that strengthens your legs). I'm definitely doing this race again next year (recruiting Shelly to run it with me). Beautiful run with free massage, snow cones, Magelby's breakfast, etc. at the end (and face painting and a bounce house for the kids while they wait for your triumphal entry).

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  1. Great pictures! :-) It was very inspiring to see you do the 13.1 miles! Good job! We might be able to recruit Bill as the Old Man Speed Walker next year :-) I'm looking forward to the massage and the big medal! :-) Definitely incentive to work hard for this!