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Team IRON EAGLES is a group of friends and family dedicated to fighting Multiple Sclerosis (MS). We join forces to raise money for the NATIONAL MS SOCIETY to support the great PROGRAMS they have available to help members of the community and to support the exciting RESEARCH being done in the field. We blog about why we ride, our experiences at fundraising events, our fundraisers and training tips. We also have links to information on MS and MS research. JOIN US!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

BikeMS 2013

It's already August and we haven't posted about this year's BikeMS!  Two things that we are always trying to do: make it to lunch before they clean it up and avoid the SAG wagon.  This year, we made our goals!  It was incredibly hot so we decided to stick with the shorter route (45 miles).  I have to admit to being a little disappointed.  It's a point of pride to be able to say all year long that I did a 75 mile bike ride.  But we decided that it might be nice to NOT close out every rest stop along the way.  Unfortunately, we still closed out the rest stops.  We're just slow.  Well, I'm just slow.  Michelle rides the route twice by doing circles around the rest of us, trying to stay with us even though we are considerably slower than she is.  So, we still closed out the rest stops but....we had lunch!  We had lunch when other people were having lunch!  That was very exciting.  It was also exciting to not have to wait around for a ride back to the fairgrounds.  Hooray for accurately assessing how many miles we had in us!  This year was also the first year they did the "I Ride with MS" program.  Those of us riding with MS could wear special jerseys and there was a fun group picture at the start of the ride.  One thing I did miss by going on the 45 mile route is the really fun hilly section just before the lunch stop.  We all decided to do more training rides this year and to be sure to go to bed early the night before so we can make the first wave of riders (and ride in the cooler hours).  We want to do 75 next year!  75 and lunch.  That's all I ask for. :)

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