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Team IRON EAGLES is a group of friends and family dedicated to fighting Multiple Sclerosis (MS). We join forces to raise money for the NATIONAL MS SOCIETY to support the great PROGRAMS they have available to help members of the community and to support the exciting RESEARCH being done in the field. We blog about why we ride, our experiences at fundraising events, our fundraisers and training tips. We also have links to information on MS and MS research. JOIN US!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Free training plan for the MS150

A friend recently asked me about training for the MS150.  I'm not one to follow a training schedule very strictly.  I didn't know what to tell her.  I decided to google "training for the MS150" and see if anything came up.  Google did not let me down :-)  It never does!  What did we do without Google (and YouTube how-to-videos)?  :-)  I found this site about a free training plan for people registered for the MS150.  Here's the link.  Check it out!


You can also find other training plans that people have posted.  Most of them seem a lot more intense than anything I've ever done!  The people who follow those plans probably finish faster and are less sore than me too LOL  Either way, it's a lot of fun!  Remember, there are rest stops about every 10 miles and there are support vehicles and cell phones everywhere!  It's all good.  Oh yeah, and did I mention the massage at the end?  Yep.  I love this event :-)

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